“Spider-Man: No Way Home” became the highest grossing film comic in Russia

According to the information published on the UAIS website, Spider-Man: No Way Home became the highest-grossing comic book film in Russia. The film grossed more than 2. 61 billion rubles at the box office – the last record belonged to the film Avengers: The Final with a result of about 2.

57 billion. The Avengers had noticeably higher ticket sales and fees on the opening day, but practice showed that the audiences love for the friendly neighbor still outweighed.

Neither the pandemic nor the restrictions associated with it prevented the record. By the way, about Spider-Man, all superhero fans are strongly encouraged to read the material on if at the end of last year you suddenly went through a mimo.

Andrew Garfield, meanwhile, expressed a desire to put on a familiar costume again – though, provided that he was offered a good scenario. More on CCeit Media: Netflix and Universal are working on the anime adaptation of Scott Pilgrim Official: the third season of The Boys series will begin to be released on June 3 Full-fledged production of the Fallout series will begin this year.