Spider-Man to join Square Enixs Avengers as early as November 30

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics updated the Avengers roadmap, revealing the release date of the expansion with Spider-Man and more — November 30. Recall that & laquo; Spider will become an exclusive PlayStation – its appearance has not yet been shown. Earlier, the senior producer of Crystal Dynamics Dan Matluck said that the add-on will receive its story and cutscenes.

As it turned out, the hero will be available through the tests of the Avengers Initiative. It is reported that Peter Parker managed to uncover a new plan for A.

I. M.

, which wants to get hold of the technology to create invincible synths. Spider-Man will have to join forces with the Avengers to stop the impending threat.

The developers said that Parker will be able to make friends with Miss Marvel and Black Widow. He‘ll also have to get used to teamwork because he was a single hero before that.

Also on November 30, players will receive the following content: Discordant Sound Raid’s first raid, which will include a unique battle against the boss of Clo, the main villain of Battle for Wakanda; several activities and events; various makeups+a new type of enemy — Echo; changes to some systems, including equipment, resources, and more. More on Gambling Total War: Warhammer III will be released on February 17, 2022 and will be part of Game Pass EGS is giving away free alien settlement simulator Aven Colony World fees Venoma 2 exceeded 400 million dollars.