Spirit of the Island continues the traditions of Stardew Valley, Moonlighter and Zelda

META Publishing and Brazilian game designer Alex Kikuchi, acting on behalf of Studio 1M Bits Horde, announced that the Kickstarter campaign of the plot simulator of peaceful life Spirit will start soon of the Island. Money creators of the case Stardew Valley, Moonlighter, Animal Crossing and Legend of Zelda do not need money to guarantee the release – it is already scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021. If you can get additional funding, it will be allowed on console ports and cross-platform multiplayer.

The creators of Spirit of the Island emphasize the plot. In the game we have to turn a small abandoned tropical island into a popular resort, at the same time revealing the secrets of the past – both the city and the hero.

Other aspects of the gameplay are quite traditional: we make new friends, learn their stories, learn crafts, perform missions, build buildings and farms, take care of animals and explore a mysterious island. Its locations are full of exotic plants and animals, as well as collectible products.

Play Spirit of the Island can be both alone and in a cooperative with a friend. In addition, tourists will visit the island every day, and if what they see pleases, they will willingly leave their money in a tropical paradise.

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