Spirit of the Island simulation kickstarter campaign kicks off

In June, publishing house META Publishing and studio 1M Bits Horde released a demo of their story-based simulation of peace life Spirit of the Island. Players met it with great reviews, and the developers decided they should resort to crowdfunding. We already wrote about the games creators preparing a Kickstarter campaign, and it finally kicked off.

The studio requires $50,000 to succeed. They have 29 days to do that.

In Spirit of the Island, we have to find ourselves on a tropical island and try to transform the abandoned archipelago into a thriving resort. To do that, we will be able to build a farm, grow crops and livestock.

So all this can be done alone or in co-op with another. By helping locals and exploring the island, we can learn more about its history.

And in wanderings, we may face dangers: wild beasts, evil pirates and even mythical creates. Spirit of the Island plan to release into early Steam access in the third quarter.

The game will also be released on all consoles: Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. More on Gromania More GTA Mods Removed on Demand Take-Two Fresh NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Added DLSS to Beta Back 4 Blood and Naraka: Bladepoint Will Launch Taser App Today Abandoned for PS5.