Spiritfarer circulation exceeded half a million

Thunder studio Lotus Games announced not long ago that it was going to release three massive free updates to its โ€œcosy game about deathโ€ Spiritfarer. And the first of them is already available, this spring update called Lily. This update decided to make a smaller scale to devote time to work on player reviews.

In particular, the studio decided to refine and improve Stella‘s story and the ending of Spiritfarer. As for Lily, Stella’s younger sister, we can meet the spirit of butterflies only towards the end of the game.

Not only will she give our boat the opportunity to travel at night, it will also open up a number of moments from Stella‘s life. In addition, Lily Update brings a number of improvements to the gameplay process.

Thunder Lotus Games reported that the total circulation of Spiritfarer since the launch of the game in August 2020 has already exceeded 500 thousand copies. And that makes Spiritfarer the studio’s most successful project.

At the same time, the game receives extremely positive reviews and became a nominee of a number of game awards. More on Gambling Psychological Horror In Sound Mind is released August 3 Song of Horror is released on consoles May 28 Total circulation of Sniper Ghost Warrior series exceeded 11 million.