Spontaneous action: in dozens of houses light for Lotte (14)

Dozens of Almelans lit a candle on Saturday night in memory of 14-year-old Lotte, who was found dead last week. Theyre responding to a call on social media.

That reports RTV East. โ€œThis is what we, as Almelans, are obliged to give a bright spot to parents and relativesโ€, so it sounds.

โ€œ Candles and lights appear in different windowsills and gardens,โ€ reports another on social media. โ€œI drive through Almelo. The call to commemorate Lotte tonight, by putting a candle in the windowsill or garden, is quite responded. I hope it gives the poor parents a little bit of comfort.โ€

โ€œ This one is for Lotte,โ€ writes a woman. โ€œBecause no parent or girl should this happen. And for her best friend, my niece, because she misses Lotte so much. Doing something helps against the tears that come when I think about it. Strength all.โ€

Look at the statement of support. Text continues.

The girls death touches all of Almelo. The police are on the assumptions of a crime. A 43-year-old father and his two minor sons (15 and 17) have been arrested as suspects. Lottes family is in deep mourning.

The family of the suspects is under threat in the meantime.