Spooky Dap Adventure Release – Release Trailer

Developers from Melting Parrot studio released the horror adventure Dap, marking the release with an atmospheric trailer. The game is available on P. C.

In Dap, players must take protection of tiny creatures by leading them through a hostile and spoiled forest. The main enemy is something incomprehensible and sinister, whose fault the world is infected with a strange infection.

Stay away from it, or your wards will transform into creepy creatures. Along the way, players also have to solve puzzles, collect different materials, and fend off threats.

And if you need a short break, you can move to the spirit world and take care of the garden. More on Gamermania Fresh show Dying Light 2 dedicated to open world and new heroine Genshin Impact earned $2bn on mobile devices in a year Gameplay trailer season six of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.