Spooky House with Secrets — Psychological Horror — Stray Souls Announced

Developers from Jukai Studio announced a psychological horror game called Stray Souls. The game is being created on Unreal Engine 5 and will be released on Steam. The main character Daniel inherited a mysterious house from his grandmother.

On the day of the move, he meets a strange girl named Martha, who seems to know about both him and the house much more than Daniel himself. As night falls, the teenager begins to uncover the dark secrets that are hidden in the home.

Daniel can be played in third person, but the game promises separate sections in which to be able to feel in the roles of other first-person characters. Stray Souls will have a lot of puzzles, psychological moments, as well as combat elements.

In addition, the developers have filled the game with a lot of dialogue and choices. More on Gamemania Concept Art Series About Obi-Wan Kenobi Started Far Cry Series Head Leaves Ubisoft Started Broadcast Celebrating Skyrims 10th Anniversary with game music concert.