Sporting Director Dutch Grand Prix responds to fuss around Prince Bernhard

The music world abuses Prince Bernhard to make a point about its own frustrations around the ongoing corona acts for festivals. This was what Jan Lammers, the sporting director of the Dutch Grand Prix (DGP), said Sunday in the program Along the Line on NPO Radio 1.

Bernhard and the Dutch Grand Prix are under attack after the band Chef‘special reported that the prince had asked if the group wanted to perform for free at Formula 1. in Zandvoort. According to the DGP, more artists have been contacted with this request. Davina Michelle, who will sing the national anthem on September 5th, told Friday to do this only if other artists are paid.

According to Lammers, โ€œa lot of BN’s and artists approached me if they could do anything at the Grand Prix. They see it as a unique opportunity to be in the middle of the event.โ€ The sporting director of the DGP stresses that the band members of the singers would get paid. โ€œThe artists we approached have a healthier income than the other band members. And most of them have an affinity with motorsport.โ€

The sporting director calls it โ€œcheapโ€ to bash Prince Bernhard every time and on their own โ€œsetback.โ€ โ€œLook at the facts, what‘s happening to us. We get zero euro subsidy and need to host 315,000 people. We’re getting a 10 million setback to deal with.โ€

Prince Bernhard announced on Friday he would not like to explain all commotion. He only told in a brief statement through RTL presenter Humberto Tan that he regrets the fuss and that he shouldn‘t have sent the letters. RTL announced that the prince himself didn’t want to sit at the table to give text and explanation.