Sporting stunned after strike Belenenses-Benfica: ‘We think this is a shame’

Sporting Portugal has climbed into the pen after the bizarre spectacle that league mates Belenenses and Benfica dished to viewers on Saturday night. Due to a large number of corona infections, the home team was able to set up only nine players and only had six left halfway through: the game was discontinued after 46 minutes, at a stand of 0-7.
Both clubs involved had not yet responded after the early end signal, Sporting did. At the reigning Primeira Liga champion, they didnt know what they saw. Sporting cant resist officially responding to what happened Saturday night, Ajaxs Champions League opponent starts his statement. โ€œThis game has already gone all over the world and is already a black page in the history of Portuguese football, which has been often ravaged by suspicions of corruption.โ€
The seven remaining players of Belenenses did kick off for the second half, but one of them went straight to the ground, after which the match had to be stopped regularly. โ€œThis can and should not leave anyone untouched, so Portuguese football is never taken seriously,โ€ Sporting speaks clear language.
Sporting is a club of norms and values, which we will never deny. And thats why we consider these events to be a great shame for Portuguese football.โ€

Comunicado #SportingCP sobre a partida entre a Belenenses SAD and on SL Benfica ๐Ÿ‘‰
โ€” Sporting Clube de Portugal ๐Ÿ† (@Sporting_CP) November 27, 2021