Sportminister Van Ark: ‘Your support is indispensable ‘

Sport minister Tamara van Ark is also looking forward to the moment when ‘we can all go sports again. ‘ She said that Monday night as a special guest at the general meeting of sports dome NOC*NSF. But the ruler did not make any statement as to the time limit for the Cabinet to re-celebrate the reins.

On Tuesday evening there is another press conference of the Cabinet, but Van Ark did not want to anticipate that. It is unclear at the moment how team athletes are allowed to train from Thursday, two weeks after the announcement of stricter measures in sport. This creates great uncertainty, especially among top clubs and amateur associations.

Team athletes can not play competitions for a month or train normally. Except for men and women in paid football and top athletes with NOC*NSF status. โ€œIt‘s a tough time for many people in sports,โ€ said Van Ark in a digital meeting with sports directors. โ€œBut your support is indispensable and is now also visible in the declining contamination rates. We can now look forward cautiously optimistically.โ€

NOC*NSF chairman Anneke van Zanen-Nieberg asked the minister when adults can train in teams again, but did not receive a clear answer. โ€œAs far as I’m concerned,โ€ Van Ark responded. โ€œWe are all eager to get back to work. But it must be possible and I hope that the figures will soon give the room for that.โ€