Sprayed Russian ‘Popeye’ further under the knife: ‘Live in a nightmare’

A Russian bodybuilder (24) who managed to pump up his arms massively by injecting a cheap petroleum mixture into it, awaits even more operations. The medical procedures are delayed due to the coronacrisis.

Popeye or Bazooka , thats what former soldier Kirill Tereshin calls himself. Although he needed an infusion that was injected into three liters of gel per arm to look more muscular. Tereshin underwent a repair operation at the end of last year, but it turns out not enough, reports New York Post.

As soon as Tereshin can be treated, Russian care is under pressure by corona, his implants will be removed further. โ€œI have to get out of this nightmare,โ€ he says. โ€œI have blown up my arms because of my own stupidity since I was twentieth. I didnt think about the consequences.โ€


Because of toxic inflammation in his arms, the limbs threaten to die off. Images that Tereshin shares on social media show the deplorable state of his upper arms. The Russian has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. Previously, he was still in the wind of all medical advice, but now he wants to get under the knife again.

Thats partly because of the Russian football woman Alana Mamaeva. It acts for victims of harmful plastic surgery. She persuaded Tereshin to intervene through surgery. In retrospect Tereshin says that he is โ€œvery happyโ€ that there are doctors who want to help him. He goes deep through the dust. โ€œI consider myself guilty, I am aware of that.โ€