Square Enix has registered three trademarks by Final Fantasy VII universe

In December, Square Enix registered three trademarks under the Final Fantasy VII universe, and today they have been publicly unveiled. Ever Crisis – with a similar name came out: Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII (2004) for mobile platforms; Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (2007), Final Fantasy VII prequel for PSP; The First Soldier (First Soldier) โ€” Sephirot, Antagonist of Part Seven; The Shinra Electric Power Company โ€” Shinra Electric Power Company, an organization in the universe Games. It is not yet known what the trademarks are associated with.

The last release on the universe Final Fantasy VII took place in April last year – then the first part of the remake of the game for PS4 came out. More on Gamomania โ€œGuardianโ€ became the lowest-rated film adaptation of Terry Pratchett All Star Wars games now under the brand Lucasfilm Games Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 suddenly returned to sale for PS4 โ€” there was no announcement.