Square Enix hires Marvel Heroes designer to fix ‘Avengers’

Square Enix hired Brian Waggoner at Crystal Dynamics as the systems designer of The Avengers. The community took this news very warmly because of the almost impeccable reputation of the specialist. Waggoner is best known for working on Marvel Heroes in the studio Gazillion, which in the fall of 2017 closed because of Disney – she decided to stop supporting quite a successful shareware game.

For the past three years, Waggoner has worked at EA Sports, where he managed to have a hand in NBA LIVE Mobile and Madden NFL, as well as the most recently announced PGA Tour. After the incident in Gazillion, I wasnt sure that I would like to work on a Marvel game again.

But after talking to the Crystal Dynamics team, seeing their enthusiasm for creating a game for fans and knowing the potential of the project, I could not refuse. I was especially convinced by the management of the studio, who asked me for honest feedback about the game and its problems.

I told, and they listened very carefully to my advice. Avengers was released in September 2020, and recently the game was updated for new generation consoles along with the second story episode — however, the audience is in no hurry to return to the action movie.

Honestly, this is far better news than any road map. Hire Marvel Heroes developer to fix problems?! Yes! , – noted user Resetera.

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