Squatters can be evicted faster, First Chamber votes for stricter law

Squatters can be turned off faster. The House of Representatives has approved an initiative bill by VVD and CDA to ensure that squatters have to leave the cracked premises within a few days and not within a few weeks, as is often the case today.

Today, the mayor of Amsterdam, the local police and the Public Prosecutor made a final appeal to the House of Parliament to vote against the law. But the final offensive failed: VVD, Nanninga Group, CDA, PVV, FvD, Group Otten and 50Plus supported the bill. GroenLinks, SP, PvdA, D66, SGP, ChristenUnie, PvdD and OSF voted against.


Kraken, inhabiting an empty house or office, has been banned in the Netherlands since 2010. At this time, squatters can bring an interim action against an announcement of eviction. Pending the interim proceedings, the squatters can stay and that can sometimes take up to eight weeks.

The new law Enforcement Cracking Prohibition regulates faster criminal proceedings between the announcement and the actual evacuation of a squat. A judge commissioner can give permission for an immediate eviction within three days.

According to Amsterdam, the new squat law is counterproductive. In practice, the squatters leave already within a few days. According to the municipality, it also creates more workload in the police, the Public Prosecutors Office and the courts.