Stable Rust is on track for first European all-round title

Patrick Roest takes the lead after the first day of the European Championships all-round in Heerenveen. He recorded the second time (36.39) on the 500 meters and remained on the 5,000 meters with 6.10.26 just two seconds above his own track record (6.08,21).

With this, Roest has a 2.50 second head start on Sverre Lunde Pedersen on the 1,500 meter and is on course for his first European all-round title. Roest has been world champion all-round three times in his skating career, but the European title is still missing on his honorary list.

Pedersen wins 500 meters

Pedersen, the Norwegian competitor of Roest, knocked him in a direct duel on the 500 meters, but ended in the 5,000 meters only seventh in 6.19.97. Last season he won the silver behind Roest at the World Allround.

Marcel Bosker finished seventh in the 500 meter in 36,86 and third in the 5,000 meters (6,15,81) at his first European Championships all-round (in 2018 he finished third at the World Cup). As a result, he jumped to the third place in the ranking with a backlog of 3,08 seconds on Roest.

Marwin Talsma, the third Dutch skater to come into action, also had a great debut on an EK all-round. Although he was seventeenth in 500 metres (37.96, a personal record), he recorded the fourth time (6,112) on the 5,000 metres.

Rust was not satisfied after the first distance. โ€œTechnically, it wasn‘t good. I want to show you better, but I was bad at the start. It was too slow, and I ran after the facts. Then you skate yourself by and it doesn’t run the way you want.โ€

Nils van der Poel gave rise to the 5,000 meters. The 24-year-old Swedish skater with Dutch grandparents, who won World Cup Gold with the juniors in 2018 at this distance, rode in the second race 6.13,03 and that time was only improved by Roest.

โ€œ I started something crazy, but it was not like a chicken without a headโ€, says Roest about 5,000 meters. โ€œI have certainly done a nice blow now and now hope for a beautiful Sunday.โ€

No Wรผst and Kramer

Sven Kramer and Ireen Wรผst are both absent at a European all-round championship for the first time since their European debut in 2005. At the qualifying tournament for the international competitions, at the end of December, both skaters were not able to place themselves.

Defender Kramer, who won the European Championships no less than ten times, will still be in action this season at the World Cup distances (5,000 meters) and during the World Cup races in Heerenveen.

After four Dutch competitions in Thialf, the European Championships are the first international meetings of the skating season. All skaters participating in the European Championships all-round and the European Championships sprint have undergone a negative corontest.

A total of 143 participants are involved. The skaters stay in a secluded bubble for five weeks. After this weekend there are two more World Cup races and the World Cup distances in Heerenveen.