Stacked GL Group Chairman Zeist admits creating fake accounts

GL group chairman Ronald Camstra from Zeist has admitted for years to manipulate his own political views on all kinds of discussions in Zeist through fake Facebook accounts. Camstra filed his resignation with Mayor Koos Janssen on Wednesday evening and briefed his council group on his way of working.

A complete surprise, GL-group member Liesbeth Raymakers mentions his actions Thursday evening. A total one-man action that we are all shocked by. We assumed his innocence until proven otherwise.

On Tuesday, Raymakers accused others of insinuations about the use of possible fake-accounts and firmly added that the members of the group are not involved in any way.

After Camstras resignation, his party initially continued to deny it. On Thursday morning the website read that Camstra as the figurehead of the party was increasingly confronted with negative reactions, false allegations and accusations on social media. The chairman of the group indicated that he resigned because these reactions give me more and more negative energy and are increasingly distracting from the work as a council.

Toon balls

GL meant all the accusations that were fired earlier this week from various sides at Camstra. First through an open letter from Piet Oskam from Zeist on his Facebook group Voorzeist, in which he called on the chairman of the group to leave because of his actions, Thursday via moderator Esther Kant of the Facebook group Zeist. She confronted Camstra with evidence that he and no one else was behind the fake accounts. Show balls and just show that they are your writings, explained Kant on Thursday afternoon.

Because both Camstra and GL in Zeist persisted until the last time in their denial, Kant posted on her Facebook group with over ten thousand members a screenshot of Noortje van Breukelen, one of Camstras fake accounts, sent to Camstras recovery email address.

Other proofs such as an identical writing style by the various fictitious persons passed the review earlier. In the end, Camstra could not fall under the increasingly heavy burden of proof and briefed his group. Kant explains, on request, that she had already sent all evidence of fraud to GL on Wednesday. I would have just said, I did it. We have been working here in Zeist for years to bring residents and politics closer together and build trust. This whole thing is damaging our politics and trust.