Staff transport company Roosendaal finds 750 kilos of cocaine

Employees of a transport company found a large batch of cocaine in a business park in Roosendaal yesterday. Police confiscated the packages of drugs that were in between all sorts of other goods. No one‘s been arrested.

The police reported last night that it was about 400 kilos of coke. But this morning the catch turned out to be even bigger, says a spokesman to Omroep Brabant. A total of 750 kilos of cocaine was found with a street value of 30 million euros.

It is not clear how the hard drugs packages ended up on the premises in Roosendaal. During the seizure yesterday, the police provided additional surveillance to prevent the drugs from being claimed. The name of the company concerned shall also be kept secret.

Between the old-timers

In the port of Rotterdam, customs discovered more than 1000 kilos of cocaine yesterday in a container with two old Volkswagen vans, which came from Brazil, reports regional broadcaster Rijnmond. According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the recipient of the vintage cars probably has nothing to do with the smuggling. A second batch of 230 kilos of cocaine was in a container with boxes of beer.