Stand again at pop concert starting September 25, also allowed multi-day event

Indoor events without fixed seats, such as pop concerts, may be held again from September 25th. A prerequisite is that at most 75 percent of the room capacity is used and visitors can show proof that they have been vaccinated, recently tested negatively or recovered from covid-19. disclose.

Now events can only be held indoors if the visitors have a permanent seat and the room is filled for up to two thirds.

Multi-day events can be held again from September 25th, both indoors and outdoors. There is the condition that visitors show their corona pass every 24 hours.

Work from home when it can

At the press conference, the cabinet will also announce more about the advice in force to work from home as much as possible. According to the initiates, the slogan becomes: Working from home if possible, at work when needed.

The cabinet is still thinking about OMTs advice not to send school classes all the way home if one of the students is infected. The quarantine obligation for travellers returning from abroad is also up for discussion. This could be abolished because the corona pass is clear whether someone has been vaccinated or tested negative.