Star Trek TV series teasers are out: “Picara,” “Discovery” and “Lower Decks”

Several teasers appeared on the network to the sequels of television projects in the universe of Star Trek . In the first commercial of the second season of Picara announced the return of Q — popular hero from The Next Generation, who appeared in the debut episode. Q is almost an omnipotent entity that arranged the Enterprise team test & laquo; humanity, and later the character appeared several more times in different episodes of the series, most communicating with Picar himself.

To the role of the hero again returned actor John de Lancey, and the premiere the continuation is scheduled for next year. The trial never ends.

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So excited to announce that I will be turning to visit my dear old friend Jean-Luc Picard in season 2 of Picard! @StarTrekOnPPlus @CTVSciFi @SirPatStew #StarTrek pic.

twitter. com/doebt8nkuw— John de Lancie (c) April 5, 2021In season four video #StarTrekDiscovery @StarTrek) April 5, 2021Also appeared a teaser of the second season animated series Lower Decks, which is scheduled to premiere on August 12.

Lower DECKS! LOWER DECKS! LOWER DECKS! An all-new season is beaming in later this year #FirstContactDay #StarTrek pic.

twitter. com/L0ZG7JT1LS— Star Trek (