Star Wars: Republic Commando to officially re-release April 6

Aspyr announced the re-release of the iconic tactical shooter Star Wars: Republic Commando, which will take place on April 6 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The new version will get improved control, however in root this will be the same game as 16 years ago. Trophies will also appear on the PlayStation.

The Xbox version was not presented — perhaps because the original is available on backwards compatibility. My favorite award is Squeaky Clean, which you can get if you keep your tactical visor crystal clear throughout the whole game, said Molly Rast marketer Aspyr More on Gambling In Anno 1800 you can play for free four days In the Japanese trailer NIer: Replicant showed a lot of fresh Remaster Tom Holland footage of other Spiders cameo: Marvel didnt tell me anything.