Star Wars strategy: Empire at War gets fresh patch 15 years after release

Developers from the studio Petroglyph together with the most dedicated members of the player community released a fresh patch for the Steam-version of the real-time strategy Star Wars: Empire at War, release which took place almost 15 years ago. The main โ€œinnovationsโ€ were two multiplayer planetary maps Utapau and Dathomir from the Forces of Corruption supplement. These cards were in files, but never released in the original game.

In addition, the list of maps was replenished by Polus Winds (planet), Peril above Polis (space), Shipyards of Kuat (space), Race for Ryloth (space) and Ryloth Garrison (planet). These five multiplayer cards were part of the Gold Pack bundle, but never made it to the Steam-version.

Finally, the patch made a number of improvements and balance changes. A complete list of fixes can be found at the link.

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