StarCraft II wont receive new content for sale

StarCraft II team told about the change in support of the strategy in the long term. First of all, the developers noted that this year with success celebrated the 10th anniversary of the game and released largest update, improving the gameplay. StarCraft II will support like other Blizzard games (like Brood War), focusing on competitive aspects.

In other words, we will not release new content for sale like commanders and containers of trophies, but we will still arrange seasons and make the necessary balance corrections. Blizzardalso the developers added that at the end of the year will not update the balance, as it was already changed a few months ago, but all necessary changes, if necessary, sooner or later will be deposited.

The changes will allow us to make plans for the future regarding not only StarCraft II, but also the entire StarCraft universe in its entirety. Blizzard More on CCeit Disco Elysium on Game Boy and others gifts for the anniversary of the game Designer WoW: Shadowlands told about working on the character editor A week later in Epic Games Store will give Layers of Fear 2 and Costume Quest 2.