StarCrawlers Chimera Comes Early Access on November 16

Studio juggernaut Games has promised to release its role-playing action movie with dungeons and turn based battles StarCrawlers Chimera into early access at the end of the year. And kept her word: the game will appear on Steam and GOG on November 16. It was valued at $10.

Starcrawlers Chimera successfully passed Kickstarter, raising $20,000. After that, the developers conducted alpha testing and released a number of updates, the latest of which, Alpha 1.

3 โ€” The Chemical Labs, came out for days. Chronicles of Deeps will be our heroes submarines.

In the world of the game, a mysterious object collapsed on Antarctica in 2070, causing eternal glaciers to melt and flood the entire world. Mankind had to learn how to survive in the underwater world, but there it managed to split into factions and fight for power and resources.

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