Stardew Valley creators release final RS-patch to update 1.5

ConcerneDape Studio released a 1. 5. 4 patch to its legendary Stardew Valley village life simulator.

As the creators say, this is the final edit of all bugs and bugs of the major update 1. 5, which appeared in December 2020.

In particular, the new patch does not allow trees to grow through furniture, removes fishing rod from the head of the hero, does not allow to collect gold coconuts in the desert and repairs the bonus of luck, which could fly from the rings at night. Fixed also a rare crash in multiplayer mode when the game crashes after the clock hits midnight.

Patch 1. 5.

4 is already available on the PC and is being certified for console versions. Recall that the largest update 1.

5 added to the game a new farm, split screen mode for a local cooperative and a lot of new content and possibilities. It is not yet known whether it will continue development of Stardew Valley, the creator of the game did not confirm that he had plans to update 1.

6. Given the fact that it works almost alone, it can take a long time before a new announcement in any case.

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