Starfield authors talked about the realism of the game world

In a new video from the To the Stars series, Bethesda Game Studios spoke about the vision of the future studio and Starfield. The story was in charge of project manager Todd Howard, studio director Angela Browder and lead artist Matt Carophano. According to Howard, games can give a sense of pride that cant be obtained thanks to other formats โ€” because in a big game, the user will always have a task that he can share with friends about.

The studio has a great team consisting of old participants and new developers. Due to the fact that many newcomers were originally fans of the studios games, they strive to convey the right atmosphere in current Bethesda releases as well.

Howard believes that player activity affects creators creativity โ€” he cited Skyrim as an example, which continues to attract users to this day. Carofano noted that the studios projects live two lives โ€” first the developers put their soul into them, and then the fans do it.

After the release of Morrowind, the authors knew that they wanted to work with Fallout first, and then switch to science fiction โ€” Starfield. The game will have a more believable scientific basis than in the same Fallout, and the main theme of the project is space exploration.

Starfield has been called a more โ€œlife gameโ€, the world of which is quite realistic. This approach will also be influenced by the ability to carefully study the details of the environment of different locations, similar to previous projects of the studio.

This time, the development actively used developers knowledge about engineering and robotics, which will also affect the overall atmosphere of realism. At the same time, authors like to create stories that evoke an emotional response from players, and this will be the case in Starfield.

As Todd Howard himself noted, there are two moments in the game when the traveler โ€œenters the worldโ€, marveling at the miracles surrounding him. Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022 for Xbox Series and PC.

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