Starfields new video talks about the world of the game and its dangers

Bethesda presented a new video about Starfield, which revealed a little about the world of the project and showed new art. Specifically, the game is set in 2330 in a small area of the Milky Way. Twenty years prior to the beginning of the story, the two largest factions in Mastered Systems launched a bloody war.

In the end, the parties came to a peace agreement, but the tension went nowhere and the dangers only increased. The latter include mercaries, pirates, violent Cosmites, and religious fanatics.

In the process, the player gets to know the Constellation organization, which unlocks the secrets of the galaxy. As part of it, users will go to explore the far corners of the Mastered Systems.

Starfield itself will be released on Xbox Series and PC on November 11, 2022, and will be part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription from day one. More on Cyberpunk 2077 Gamermania and the third The Witcher will get nextgen versions only in 2022 God of War will be released on PC on January 14 King Arthur: Knights Tale will be released early access on PC February 15.