Stars furious with charges in Breonna Taylor case

A large number of Hollywood stars have responded to the news that only one of the American agents involved in Breonna Taylors death is being prosecuted.

The death of the 26-year-old led to a lot of fuss and was often cited during the Black Lives Matter protests this spring. The hospital worker was shot to death in March at her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky. Three civilian policemen raided in search of drugs. Her boyfriend shot the cops because, as he said, he thought they were burglars. No drugs were found. The prosecuted policeman was fired in June and the other two were transferred.

Viola Davis called the decision in a tweet โ€œbullshit,โ€ and Mandy Moore said, โ€œI have no words for this. Breonna Taylor and her family deserve justice.โ€ Mia Farrow asked on Twitter, โ€œSo no one is responsible for Breonna Taylors death?โ€ and Common shared in a series of tweets quotes of civil rights activists such as James Baldwin, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

Other stars expressed their outrage at the fact that the agent is not being prosecuted for Taylors death, but for endangering the neighbors of the woman. Yara Shahidi called it โ€œan insultโ€ and Martin Luther King III, son of the famous activist, tweeted: โ€œToday no one has been charged with the murder of Breonna Taylor, and her family deserves better.โ€


In a press conference Wednesday, the prosecutor in Kentucky, Daniel Cameron, predicted that stars and influencers who dont come from Kentucky would criticize the decision, but according to him, they dont understand the community there. Thats what George Clooney responded to, whos from the state. โ€œI was born and raised in Kentucky, my parents and sister live there, I have a house there and was still there last monthโ€, says the actor.

โ€œ The legal system I have learned to rely on holds people accountable for their actions. Her name was Breonna Taylor, and she was shot in her bed by three white cops who are not charged with her death. I know this community, I learned in the schools and churches of Kentucky what is good and bad. I am ashamed of this decision.โ€