Starsand Survivalist Authors Release Official Trailer

Tunnel Vision Studio and publishing house Toplitz Productions published an official trailer for Starsands upcoming Desert Survival Simulator. Players will enter the 64-square-kilometre open world and try to survive in harsh conditions. The game wilderness will work with time of day and weather changes, so we will have a killer heat in the day, and in the night, the cold pervades.

In addition, something mystical will be done around from time to time: there will be two moons in the sky, and the hero will be attacked by strange creatures. For battle and survival, we will put in the course of craft skills.

In Starsand you can find shelter, build a base there, make weapons and tools, and equip traps and defense systems. Over time we can understand how our hero ended up in this world, uncover secrets ancient civilization and find a way to go home.

Our journey will begin in the fourth quarter of 2021, when Starsand comes into Steams early access. More on Gamermania By Crossroads Inn make board game Wingspans Unusual card strategy is out on Xbox And again about GTA V super-realism: Ray-tracing and 3D clouds in 8K.