Started filming of “Black Adam” with Dwyane Johnson in the title role

Dwayne Johnson announced the start of filming Black Adam — a film adaptation of the story of one of the popular characters in DC comics. Adam was a villain at first, fighting including against Shazam and other representatives and other members of the hero‘s family. Initially, Black Adam had similar abilities, but he was corrupted by these mighty forces and he moved to the side of evil.

Later, his biography is somewhat rewrited. The film should tell about Adam’s origins and his encounter with the Justice Society of America.

Johnson‘s appointment became known back in 2014, and he had to look into a solo film about Shazam, but later their stories were divided into two pictures. The development of the tape unfolded since 2017, and in the end it still came to filming.

The film is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (Air Marshal), and the premiere of Black Adam is scheduled for July 29, 2022. More on CCeit Remake The Last of Us, abandonment of Days Gone 2 and new Uncharted – the main thing from Schreyer’s article Due to low fees of Major Thunder on the network increased calls in support of the film The sales leader of the European eShop in March was Monster Hunter: Rise.