Starting today, a mouthcap with you to high school


the break, during the change of classes and in the auditorium: as of today, students in secondary schools are advised to wear a mouthcap in these places. These are places in school where the one and a half meters cannot be maintained. In the classroom, the mouthcap can be off.

The opinion was agreed last week after a call from the VO Council, the dome of secondary schools. It insisted on a directive for all schools in the Netherlands. Earlier Minister Slob of Education did not see much in urgent advice, but more and more schools asked for it.

The schools themselves decide whether to leave it at advice or to carry out a dental cap obligation. In the event of an obligation, the participation council must agree.

We went to see what students at Oranje Nassau College in Zoetermeer think:

At a high school in Wolvega, a father of one of the students was apprehended this morning, protesting against the advice. The man already made a call yesterday to take action at the school, but without results.

He has been arrested for ignoring a local emergency order and is not allowed to enter school grounds for the time being.

In primary schools, the advice does not apply. Also students at MBOs, colleges and universities do not have to wear a mouthcap on their education, said Minister Van Engelshoven of Education Friday.

At these institutions it is quite possible to keep 1.5 meters away, the minister said:

Last week, Prime Minister Rutte immediately introduced urgent advice to wear a mouthcap in public areas such as shops, museums and restaurants. Here, too, there is an opinion and no obligation.