State concludes agreement with Julio Poch on compensation

Demissionary Minister Grapperhaus of Justice has concluded an agreement with Julio Poch and his lawyer Knoops on compensation for the Argentinean-Dutch former pilot. No notices are made on the content of the agreement, writes Grapperhaus to the House of Representatives,

Last month, the minister announced in a Chamber debate that he wanted to reimburse Poch for the days when he was unfairly in prison. He later wrote to the House of Representatives that he offered Poch a compensation of 700,000 euros, including lawyer fees. Solicitor Knoops immediately told Poch that was too little.

Grapperhaus reiterates today that it is a compensation for humanitarian damage, without recognition of liability.

Not unlawful

Poch was partly due to the hands of the Netherlands for eight years in an Argentine cell due to alleged involvement in death flights under military rule in the 1970s. He was acquitted in 2017.

A committee of inquiry ruled that the Netherlands did not act unlawfully in the case. As a result, it seemed that no compensation would be paid for a long time. Several MPs urged the cabinet to do so.