State Forestry Administration is allowed to bring rabbit horses to slaughterhouse

Staatsbosbeheer is allowed to transport the approximately 120 rabbit horses that are standing in a catchment area in the Oostvaardersplassen to a slaughterhouse. This transport requires a horse passport and that may apply for State Forestry, because the service can be considered as the holder of the horses in the catch area. This is what the provisioner of the Board van Beroep voor het bedrijfsleven (CBb) stated on Thursday.

Animal Rights Organization Animal Rights is against the slaughter of the horses and prevent wild transport of the animals. The organization therefore asked Monday to prohibit the application of the necessary passports. Only an owner or holder of horses can apply for such a passport and according to Animal Rights Staatsbosbeheer does not own wild large grazers.

The Judge of Providence rejected the application. According to the judge, the manager of the territory has control over the horses as soon as they are in the catch area, because the service also takes care of the animals. Therefore, Staatsbosbeheer is allowed to apply for passports and then place animals on transport. The transport of the horses had been stopped pending the decision of the judge. On Thursday, State Forestry announced that it would now proceed as soon as possible with the transport of the horses to the slaughterhouse.

240 horses

Staatsbosbeheer wants to remove a total of 240 horses from the Flevoland nature reserve. There are now too many red deer, heck cattle and rabbit horses in the Oostvaardersplassen. Whether all horses go to the slaughterhouse is still uncertain, because the meat of the first 32 horses that have already been slaughtered is being examined for the presence of harmful substances. Lately, grazers in a number of places in the Netherlands have found that heavy metals and dioxins have been introduced from the soil through the grass. If this is also the case with animals from the Oostvaardersplassen, the meat does not enter the market and the animals go to a rendering plant.