Statements of support after Vienna attack: ‘This is our Europe’

Several world leaders responded to the attack in Vienna on Monday evening on Tuesday morning. French President Emmanuel Macron writes on Twitter that the French share the shock and grief of the Austrians after the attack. โ€œAfter France, it is a friendly country that is under attack. This is our Europe.โ€

โ€œ Our enemies need to know who theyre dealing with. We will not give in to anything,โ€ says Macron.


The German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the city has become the target of terrorist violence and that Germany is working with Austria in the fight against โ€œradical Islamic terrorism.โ€

Our reporter Niels Kalman is on the scene in Vienna:

โ€œIn these terrible hours, in which Vienna has become the target of terrorist violence, my thoughts are with the people there and the security forces facing the danger,โ€ said Merkel in a statement on Twitter. She says that the fight against radical Islamic terrorism is a โ€œjoint struggleโ€.

Israel and Gulf States

The Israeli President Reuven Rivlin also condemned the attack on Twitter. โ€œOur thoughts and prayers are with the Austrians, while we look with concern at the despicable terrorist attack in Vienna,โ€ he writes. His Russian colleague Vladimir Putin called the attack in a message to Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz a โ€œcruel and cynical crime.โ€


Gulf states of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have โ€œstrongly condemned the attack.โ€ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia says that it supports all the measures that Austria takes to ensure security.

Rutte: a terrible attack

Prime Minister Mark Rutte speaks on Twitter of โ€œa terrible attack.โ€ โ€œOn behalf of the Netherlands, I have just expressed our unconditional support to Sebastian Kurz with the victims, their families and the Austrian government in dealing with this horrible act.โ€

The Netherlands stands right behind #Oostenrijk and mourns the victims, as Minister Stef Blok (Foreign Affairs) tweets. โ€œAnother terrorist attack. This time, the horrendous messages come from Vienna. Unfortunately, terror knows no borders and that is why together we will never accept that terrorism wins,โ€ he says.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Mรกxima are also shocked by the attack in Vienna on Monday evening.

The king couple wishes Vienna in a response much support on Tuesday.

โ€œ We sympathize with the inhabitants of Vienna and with all the people in Austria who, like us, are shocked by the terrorist attack last night,โ€ the couple said. โ€œThe families of the victims and the wounded are in our minds. All those who are committed to a peaceful society have our full support.โ€

Dutch in Austria

The Dutch ambassador to Austria calls on people in Vienna to stay inside. โ€œPolice deployment in Vienna continues. When youre in town, stay inside!โ€, writes Aldrik Gierveld on Twitter.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says to follow the situation closely and finds out if there are Dutch among the victims. โ€œAre you in Vienna? Follow the instructions of the local government,โ€ the advice is.

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed support for neighbouring Austria. โ€œOur thoughts are with the wounded and the victims in these difficult hours,โ€ the Ministry wrote on Twitter.

American presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trumps National Security Advisor have also responded to the attacks, which have killed two victims for the time being.

โ€œ We must unite against all hatred and violence,โ€ Biden wrote on Twitter. The Democrat called the shooting incident a โ€œgruesome terrorist attack.โ€ โ€œThere is no justification for hatred and violence like this,โ€ said US National Security Advisor Robert OBrien on behalf of the White House.

Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz thanks on Twitter all emergency services. Kurz says hes happy that an unsub has already been eliminated. โ€œWe will never be intimidated by terrorism and will fight these attacks by all means.โ€ He also announces that the army will be deployed. โ€œThe whole country is in mind with the victims, wounded and their families, to whom I express my deepest condolences.โ€

Stronger than hate and terror Ursula

von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, says that he is shocked and sad after the attack. โ€œEurope is in full solidarity with Austria. We are stronger than hatred and terror.โ€

During the attack on Monday night in the centre of Vienna, four people were killed in thelived and injured at least fifteen people, one of the perpetrators was shot by the police.

According to the Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, the attack has a radical Islamic motive, he said on Tuesday. The shoot-out perpetrator sympathised with the Islamic State terror movement (IS), according to Nehammer.

Over the past few weeks, there have been several attacks in France. The French teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded after discussing charts of Charlie Hebdo in class. Two weeks later, there were attacks in Nice and Avignon and a guard of the French consulate in Saudi Arabia was stabbed.