States U.S. Sucting Government Biden to Deleted Oil Pipeline

Seventeen American states, including Texas, are suing the Biden administration for the recent decision to remove the construction of the controversial Keystone oil pipeline. The trial was announced on Wednesday by the Texas Minister of Justice Ken Paxton.

The states argue that the White House did not have the power to withdraw the Keystone pipeline licence with its own hands. The construction of the oil pipeline is part of an energy policy adopted by Parliament, according to Paxton.

The Keystone pipeline had to transport 830,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta Province to Nebraska, Canada. The withdrawal of the licence was one of the many presidential decrees that Biden has issued to combat climate change.

The head of the Senate Committee on Energy Joe Manchin argued at Biden last month to have the pipeline built. The Conservative Democrat argued that the construction project also creates jobs for trade unions and that the transport of oil by pipeline is safer than transport in tankers or trains.

The White House didnt respond directly to the seventeen state trial on Wednesday.