Steam Deck will really not have exclusive games

Valve representatives confirmed that the portable platform Steam Deck will not receive exclusive games from the studio. This was mentioned in a series of questions and answers with users โ€” Valve is generally not interested in developers producing exclusive products for their new platform. From the point of view of the firm, this approach simply does not make sense, because Steam Deck works on the PC principle, where such restrictions are inappropriate.

Steam Deck itself will be launched on sale with a modified version of SteamOS, the interface of which will look more like a console one to make it easier for users to navigate their Steam libraries. However, if desired, players will be able to switch to a more traditional PC screen, where they will be allowed to use and install third-party applications.

Apparently, users will be able to run games that are not part of their Steam collection. Steam Deck is scheduled for release in February 2022, previously scheduled for December, but had to be rescheduled.

And before that, the technical data of the new console was revealed. More on Gambling addiction Farming Simulator 22 sales exceeded 1.

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