Steam has a new peak online record – more than 27.18 million people

Last night, Steam set a new record for the number of users who launched the service โ€” according to SteamDB, there were just over 27. 18 million people (with more than 7. 8 million in games) This figure has been growing steadily since the beginning of this year: in February, the peak was 26.

4 million people, and then, by April, it grew to 26. 9 million users โ€” and this was the previous record for the service Valve.

The fresh growth is driven, among other things, by the Thanksgiving Day celebration in the West and the launch of the โ€œAutumn Saleโ€ on Steam, which will last until December 1. Also on Steam, everyone can vote for the best games in 10 categories.

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