Steam has a new sale โ€” discounts up to 90%

There are plenty of games available on Steam for discounts. Funds raised from the sales will help children living in war conflict zones. The initiative is run by War Child, which has been working with the gaming industry since 2006.

The following games are available to purchase: Turmoil โ€” 124 rub; Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You โ€” ; 64 rub; Machinarium โ€” 179 rub; Her Story โ€” 129 rub; Sunless See โ€” 135 rub; Sunless Sky: Sovereign Edition โ€” 179 rub; Call of the Sea โ€” 304 rub; FlatOut 4: Total Insanity โ€” 99 rub; Seasons after Fall โ€” 69 rub; Deponia: The Complete Journey โ€” 69 rub; Ken Folletts The Pillars of the Earth โ€” 69 rub. rub.

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