Steam has launched the autumn sale โ€” discounts up to 90% will last until December 1

Valve has launched an autumn sale on Steam, which will last until the evening of December 1. In addition, the company has opened nominations for the annual Steam Awards, inviting users to vote for their favorite games in ten categories: Game of the Year VR Game of the Year Favorite Child Friend Known in Game Outstanding Visual Style Most Innovative Gameplay Best Game You Cant Get Best Soundtrack Best Game with Outstanding Soundtrack Sit comfortable. The winners will be announced on January 3 at 9:00 PM BST.

But back to the sale, we have compiled some of the discounted projects below. Some of the games have not yet been activated, and over time, Steam will have much more games that can be bought much cheaper: Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey โ€” 519 rubles; Arma 3 โ€” 299 rubles; Batman: Arkham Knight โ€” 179 rubles; Borderlands 3 โ€” 499 rubles; Cyberpunk 2077 โ€” 999 rubles; Days Gone โ€” 1799 rubles; Death Stranding โ€” 1049 rubles; Disco Elysium โ€” The Final Cut โ€” 362 rubles; Farming Simulator 19 โ€” 319 rubles; FIFA 22 โ€” 2099 rubles; Hearts of Iron IV โ€” 174 rubles; Hades โ€” 325 rubles; Horizon Zero Dawn โ€” 1400 rubles; Hunt: Showdown โ€” 674 rubles; Just Cause 4 Complete Edition โ€” 499 rubles; Monster Hunter: World โ€” 659 rubles; New World โ€” 974 rubles; Outer Wilds โ€” 360 rubles; Outriders โ€” 659 rubles; Red Dead Redemption 2 โ€” 1249 rubles; Resident Evil Village โ€” 999 rubles; Star Wars: Battlefront II โ€” 499 rubles; Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order โ€” 924 rubles; Stellaris โ€” 174 rubles; Street Fighter V – Champion Edition โ€” 677 rubles; The Long Dark โ€” 210 rubles; Yakuza: Like a Dragon โ€” 1224 rubles.

In addition, Steam has discounts for game series – you can find them on the main page of the store. Here are some of them: Assassins Creed BioShock Dark Souls Dead Space Deus Ex Devil May Cry Doom Dragon Age Fallout Far Cry Halo HITMAN LEGO Life is Strange Mafia Mass Effect Max Payne Metro Resident Evil Sid Meiers Civilization Tomb Raider Total War Yakuza Wolfenstein Sherlock Holmes Games Batman Games Tom Clancy Universe Games.

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