Steijn clarifies the future after NAC-sof: ‘Did we so agreed? ‘

NAC Breda trainer Maurice Steijn sucks like a plug from the lost promotion of his team. The Bredaners lost in the final of the playoffs to promotion/demotion in the last minute of NEC, causing NAC to play in the Kitchen Champion Division next season.
โ€œWhat we have experienced today, I have never experienced in my life,โ€ says a visibly disappointed Steijn in front of the camera of BN DeStem. โ€œNot at ADO, not as a NAC player. It was phenomenal. In the contest, we did everything we could to win. Then you get that goal a minute before time and the dream falls apart…โ€
Under the NAC supporters there is dissatisfaction with Steijn‘s working methods this season. The trainer expects that he will be the trainer of the club next season. โ€œThat’s how we agreed. We started in that science 11 months ago. We arranged the team to go to the Eredivisie this year or next year. I came here with that mission and I want to complete it.โ€

In the final minute of the play off final, NAC won the winning goal against NEC attacker Jonathan Okita. The Bredase club will also play in the Kitchen Champion Division next season, while NEC will be active in the Eredivisie.