Steijn: ‘Nare messages, also to my sister, but actually much more support’

The life of Sem Steijn was turned upside down after the first playoff match between NAC Breda and ADO Den Haag: the striker leaving for FC Twente soon provoked the fanatical NAC following after his goal in Breda, and that brought threats to the family. After the return, however, he was still able to laugh.
ADO also won 2-1 in-house and hits FC Eindhoven in the next round of the playoffs. โ€œAfter that action, I actually had much more support than threats, which actually does a lot more to me. Ive had some nasty messages too, you know. Also to my sister, who also got something in. But I still receive messages from all over the country every day: you are a hitโ€, says Steijn to ESPN afterwards.
Last summer, the family had to stay temporarily elsewhere, when father Maurice Steijn โ€” then NAC trainer โ€” was under fire from part of the supporters. โ€œI have the idea that people now, through that action, have seen what it does to the family,โ€ says Steijn junior, who insists that his middle finger to the NAC audience was
not convenient and has no further regrets. โ€œIts good, nice to end. NAC back and were through.โ€