Steijn reports threats after action son and is going to file a report: “That defies everything”

Sparta recorded a crucial victory in the relegation cracker against PEC Zwolle on Wednesday evening, but trainer Maurice Steijn had completely different things on his mind. Afterwards, De Hagenaar announced that he has been threatened by NAC supporters, following the action of his son Sem on Tuesday evening.
Sem Steijn scored on behalf of ADO in Breda and cheered for the B-Side, the profession with the fanatical NAC fans. Maurice Steijn left Breda in a rumoured way last season: he already reported threats — although it was denied in Breda — and the family had to temporarily stay elsewhere.
After the game between NAC and ADO on Tuesday evening, the feud has reignited. That was fairly downplayed last year by NAC icons and leading journalists who have an NAC heart, he refers in conversation with ESPN to Sjoerd Mossou of the Algemeen Dagblad, who attended De Eretribune on Wednesday evening. Last night and this morning (Wednesday, ed.) everything came to us again, to threats.
Steijn is going to file a declaration, he announces. We left that last year, because we don‘t want to make it even bigger. But what came in today, also towards my children: that defies everything, so we are going to report that. In this regard, I would also like to thank all the people who participated in my character murder last year, that my children are now under full threat, continues the visibly furious trainer. I see someone sitting in the studio with you, who also participated in it, he refers again to Mossou.
In any case, the connection with NAC appears irreparably damaged. The fact that as a former trainer and as a former player – whether or not I did it well last year, but I did not commit a crime – I can’
t even safely shake hands with my former teammates, former colleagues or my former staff members at NAC. Well, then we have to think carefully about whether that is the normal course of events.