Stekelenburg: ‘Is done laughfully again, but may be of value’

Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg is very clear when it comes to the blunder of his colleague Kjell Scherpen last week against AS Roma. The experienced goalkeeper nuances the mistake of his youthful competitor and also thinks that the wall girder is not always taken seriously in the Netherlands.
The 38-year-old goalkeeper of the Amsterdammers is fit enough to be able to compete again on Thursday evening in the return against AS Roma, in which Ajax has to make up for a 1-2 home defeat. Stekelenburg believes that his replacement last week did well despite his blunder. โ€œFine. Again, that would never change in football: people make mistakes, football players make mistakes, goalkeepers make mistakes. That was annoying for him, but that would happen more often in the future. It will happen to me too,โ€ he says at the press conference prior to the meeting with the Italians.
When asked what Stekelenburg thinks of a wall girder, the goalkeeper responds extremely seriously. โ€œIt can be very important. I know there is a bit more laughable about it here in the Netherlands, but if the wall jumps, it will certainly be of value.โ€ Stekelenburg sees that goalkeepers can hardly do otherwise nowadays. โ€œFootball is changing. At some point, youll see players shooting free kicks under the wall, and your goal is to avoid goals, so the wall beam is a means.โ€

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โ€” AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) April 14, 2021