Stekelenburg: There is no doubt that I finish the season, dont get it so quickly

Maarten Stekelenburg is happy to have the chance to play at Ajax, but he is happy with Andre Onana. The 38-year-old goalkeeper looks back on a good performance in the cup duel with PSV (2-1).

Stekelenburg does not get hot or cold from the fact that he is now the first choice at Ajax. โ€œNo matter what game I play, I always want to win. I always give 100% and today too,โ€ he says at ESPN. โ€œI am experienced enough and I know what is asked of me. There is no doubt that I am now finishing the season, as it stands.โ€
โ€œI came to Ajax and knew my role. He has now changed something,โ€ continues Stekelenburg, who has difficulty in estimating how far away he is from his old level. โ€œOf course, I havent played for a long time. Not at Everton, and not here. Circumstances make me play now. Im happy about that. Anyway, Im not so quick to find out.โ€ Against PSV, the 58-fold Orange-International had a fairly quiet evening, he judges himself. โ€œIt went fine. We didnt get into trouble very often. Some dangerous moments, but I think we played a good game โ€” especially in the first half.โ€
Yet it remained exciting until the end in the Johan Cruijff Arena. โ€œHe can always fall wrong, especially because they start playing more opportune. But I think we defended well. A nasty goal against. But in the first half they got one good chance, and I think we had it pretty much under control.โ€ Stekelenburg even had remarkably little to do. โ€œYes, the score doesnt suggest, but we won.โ€
That was the most important thing for Ajax after a horror week. โ€œThere are jokes: typical Ajax week. But it
s annoying,โ€ says Stekelenburg, who says that the endorsing of Onana was a joint initiative from the club and the players. โ€œOnana is facing a difficult period. And, of course, we miss him, too. Besides being a great keeper on the field, its also a nice guest in the locker room.โ€