Stekelenburg: “Van Gaal is in place one, place two and number three”

The KNVB has only one man in mind as successor to national coach Frank de Boer, also knows Oranje-Watcher Jeroen Stekelenburg. Directors Eric Gudde and Nico-Jan Hoogma traveled to Portugal for a meeting with Louis van Gaal, became clear on Thursday.
Van Gaal is the dream candidate. What is clear: Louis van Gaal is one, place two and number three, says Stekelenburg in the CCEIT Sportjournaal. And if there‘s another name in place four on the list, we don’t know for sure of course. But it‘s all the balls on Louis van Gaal, so much is clear.
Hoogma recently announced that he was looking for a ‘
chef and boss, ‘with Ronald Koeman’s‘ aura ‘. What he said a little bit is: we‘re looking for Louis van Gaal. Since then, it’s been a little bit this way, now it‘s clear that they want one man the best, sweetheart. The fact that the players would not see his arrival does not matter, according to Stekelenburg: they ‘don‘t want that much to want’ after the EC-Echec, Stekelenburg says.
Whether Van Gaal does respond to the invitation is still the question. He hasn‘t really responded, but replied to an email that my colleague Sjoerd van Ramshorst sent him a week ago. Then he said very nicely that he didn’t want to respond to content. Later De Volkskrant noted that he could be called. So now the KNVB is taking the next step. They won‘t have traveled like that anyway. So it looks like he’s open to a conversation. He can‘t be surprised by conditions, because he’s already been a national coach. I don‘t know if he wants. But he’ll be open to talk at least.