Stekelenburg: You cant compare that shot to eleven years ago

Maarten Stekelenburg does not want to compare Andriy Jarmolenkos shot to that of Kakรก, eleven years ago at the World Cup in South Africa. Then the goalkeeper of the Dutch team did not prevent a goal against Ukraine.
Stekelenburg received worldwide praise with the rescue in 2010, keeping the Netherlands in the race in the quarterfinals. Yarmolenko
s shot was similar, but: โ€œYou really cant compare that Sunday shot to Brazil eleven years ago,โ€ says Stekelenburg to Algemeen Dagblad.

According to Stekelenburg, a lot has changed over the past few years. At the beginning of the season, he didnt expect him to goalted at an EC. โ€œIve been quieter since that World Cup. I have much more experience, am eleven years older. And Ive been through everything once, thats an advantage. I still feel great physically.โ€