Stellaris Tabletop met Kickstarter target of 2,895% in one day

The publishing company Academy Games took out on Kickstarter on Kickstarter the board game Stellaris Infinite Legacy, created on the basis of the 4-strategy Stellaris. For the release of the desktop, the creators needed to collect 50 thousand dollars. But just a day later, the amount on the account is picked up to one and a half million dollars.

The Stellaris Infinite Legacy campaign has already met its goal of 2,895%. It was possible to unlock almost all the additional goals prepared in advance: new maps, portraits, places and technologies.

On the queue – maps of interspace jump technology. And as the collection of money continues, creators will have to come up with new extensions for the game.

Stellaris Infinite Legacy is designed so that players do not have to understand the complex for too long device universe computer game. The parties in it are designed for a maximum of a couple of hours, and the mechanics and capabilities can be acquainted in the process.

Until the final of the campaign board game is 23 days, it will end on April 5. On sale boxes with Stellaris Infinite Legacy are due to appear in April 2022.

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