Stentler Talks ‘Character Killing’, Parsons Denies Roord Interview

Jill Roords interview in de Volkskrant continues to loosen the tongues. In an interview with that newspaper, she commented on the approach and vision of national coach Mark Parsons. Leonne Stentler speaks of a bit of character killing. Parsons is trying to debunk.
โ€œHow I looked at it? Surprised, my mouth fell open,โ€ says Stentler at DecceIt. She wonders to what extent Parsons makes its mark on the team. โ€œMiedema more or less claimed the halftime conversion (of the duel with Sweden, ed.). Then you think: where is the authority of this national coach? Then this interview will get over it again. You don
t do this. Its a bit of character killing. Its not done to say this about your coach.โ€
26-times international Tessel Middag sees something positive: โ€œI also read the strength of the players, who can make decisions on the field. Whether thats Miedema or Jill Roord. On the field, you also have to make your own decisions. I find that interesting.โ€
Response ParsonsDecceIt asked Parsons about the interview with Roord, but the Englishman did not want to go into it in terms of content. โ€œThe staff and I have invested time in the players. If you know the players, you can do more. Of course, that takes time. The result is the development of the team and the players. We are thrilled with Jill
s performance since September. She scores, but also plays an important role in various positions.โ€
โ€œWith two questions, its already getting bigger than it actually is. A player who talks too much about a coach, now were already talking too much about it,โ€ says Parsons. โ€œThis tournament, our team and womens football deserve to focus on international football and this tournament. We sometimes pay too much attention to this. We have to go ahead and continue to support these players.โ€