Step-by-step bagel The Hand of Merlin in May goes into early access

Croatian studios Croteam and Room C Games announced that they will release early access Steam turn-based role-playing game with elements of The Hand of Merlin bagel on May 11. It is now published by Versus Evil. On the story The Hand of Merlin worked Jonas Kiratzes (The Talos Principle, Serious Sam 4, Phoenix Point) and Verena Kiratzes (The Sea Will Claim Everything, Serious Sam 4).

Players in it will collect the heroes of the legends of King Arthur and go to battles with horror from the cosmos. We are waiting for the way through the lands of Albion, France and Al-Andalus.

And with each new attempt, the heroes will fall into another change in which everything changes, and only Camelot, Grail and Merlin remain the same. And with their help you need to save as many worlds of the Multiverse as possible to collect fragments of soul.

Every new day, the gloom over the world all thickens, and the farther, the more powerful the equipment is required by our to heroes. It relies on it in cities, but hermits-artisans can be found in the wild.

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