Stepped British minister kissing camera employee ‘would have been framed’

Health Minister Matt Hancock‘s departure continues to occupy the concerns in the UK. Insiders say to the Evening Standard newspaper that a security camera in the minister’s office is presumably revised to โ€œframe him.โ€

The married Hancock had to clear the field because leaked camera footage showed that he was kissing an employee. He did not comply with the government‘s coronavirus guidelines, which had prescribed people to keep distance from people who are not part of their households.


In addition to the affair, the presence of a camera in the ministerial office caused a lot of discussion. Justice Minister Robert Buckland told Sky News this week that many colleagues are now undoubtedly asking themselves whether such devices are present in their offices.

The Evening Standard writes that the camera in Hancock’s office was actually meant to keep an eye on a glass door and balcony. That would have been a security vulnerability. However, the kissing Hancock stood at another door.

Internal investigations must show whether the camera was accidentally rotated during a renovation or if there was a deliberate design. Sources tell the paper that the last scenario is based on that last scenario. โ€œWe all think Matt Hancock was framed here.โ€

Apologies not enough

The Department of Hancock didn‘t want to respond in substance. However, the department confirmed that security procedures are being exposed. The paper writes that the camera footage did not go to the police or government personnel, but to a private company.

Hancock had made another vain attempt to keep his job. He apologized, but that proved to be inadequate. At least eighty parliamentarians of his Conservative Party would have insisted on his departure. There was great outrage among citizens too.

Hancock’s successor probably does not have to fear such leaks. New Secretary Sajid Javid said the camera has been turned off by now.